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Learn What Every Home Buyer or Seller Ought to Know About Las Vegas Real Estate Agents…

Learn What Every Home Buyer or Seller Ought to Know About Las Vegas Real Estate Agents…

You didn’t get here overnight. It has taken effort. A lot of it. If you’re about to purchase a home, you’ve spent years saving, months researching, and hours dreaming. Or… If you’re about to sell a home, you’ve spent more time than you can measure in preparation…Hours of maintenance…Thousands of dollars in repairs…You’ve primped and preened and you’re ready to show off your property. YOU’VE done the work. YOU’VE invested in yourself. YOU’VE set yourself up for success.

So don’t trust just anyone with your Summerlin or Las Vegas real estate transaction…

Take the time to find the best real estate agent in Las Vegas. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, or you’re buying your first home, there’s nothing more stressful than having your most valuable asset on the line. But it doesn’t have to be that way…Most real estate agents are in it for the quick cash. They’ll do the bare minimum, push a quick sale, and drive off with a briefcase of Benjamins in hand. Alright, not literally, but you get the picture. Unfortunately, though, choosing the wrong agent could cost you more than just money…Without a dedicated and skilled agent in your corner, you’ll have to put up with all of the headaches of the buying and selling process. The complicated contracts…The painful negotiations…You may even struggle to find a fair market valuation on your property. When you work with the wrong agent, you sacrifice the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re being taken care of, that your agent will do whatever it takes to get you the best deal and make it go as smoothly as possible.

Home Buyers

Onsite HP Printer Repair in City of Commerce | HP Printer Repair Commerce, California | Printer Repair City of Commerce, Ca.

Onsite HP Printer Repair in City of Commerce  |  HP Printer Repair Commerce, California   |  Printer Repair City of Commerce, Ca. 

printer repair commerce

Which DIY kids outfit is your favorite?

Class Parties

Class celebrations may be different at various colleges as well as most likely uses mostly to primary age classes. Valentine party ideas would be comparable but adjusted for Valentine's Day. Inspect with the instructor as well as locate out if they will be trading Valentine cards before the event or during the celebration.

Classroom events may be different at various institutions as well as most likely uses mainly to primary age courses. Valentine event concepts would be comparable however adapted for Valentine's Day. Check with the instructor and also find out if they will be trading Valentine cards before the event or during the event.

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Introduction to The Power of Discipline and Ways it Will Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get into the college that you wanted?

Or get that job you thought you deserved?

Have you ever thought why you find it difficult to sustain your relationships?

Have you always been puzzled as to why your results are never equal to the amount of effort that you put in?

What is your relationship with discipline?

Is it a dirty word that makes you feel guilty?

Is it something that you have mastered?

I suspect that most people know that discipline is important to living and leading your best life but they underestimate how important it truly is.

There is no single factor that leaders should seek to develop more than a discipline of thinking and action.

The answer to these above questions are most likely due to your lack of discipline.

the power of discipline

FREE TRAFFIC- Using JVZoo to add single optins of buyers to your list

FREE TRAFFIC- Using JVZoo to add single optins of buyers to your list


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Looking to succeed online as an entrepreneur?

For entrepreneurs who wish to succeed online and build a long term profitable business online 

to create your ideal lifestyle watch this now.

Looking after Your Infant Utilizing Video clip Infant Monitors

Your baby is one of the most valuable being in your life. As well as since infants can't still often tend on their own, it is your responsibility to provide the love, treatment as well as security that they need. Regretfully, even though they are your upper concern, there are still other things in the top priority checklist that need your attention. So exactly how do you go on with your daily tasks without compromising the high quality of protection, love, as well as care that you have to give your child? You could use video child monitors.

Child Monitors

Basically, child monitors are gadgets that moms and dads can make use of to be able to observe their baby also if they are not in the same area. The most straightforward baby screens make usage of a simplex transmitter and also receiver system.

Yet child screens have currently come a long way. Today, various baby monitors have been established making usage not just of noises but of photos also. A fantastic example of this is the video infant display.

Video child keeps an eye on take advantage of cams instead of simply the common transmitter with microphone device. An electronic camera or a variety of electronic cameras are mounted in the infant's room and live video clip feed are transmitted to a TELEVISION or LCD receiver.

The most fundamental application of a wired video clip child display is to offer online video clip feed from the room of the baby to the space of the parents. With the video infant monitor installed, you could continually check your baby without having to stand up and also going to your child in the next area.

The wireless video clip baby screen however has a bigger range of use. Considering that it is wireless, you can go anywhere around your home while bringing an LCD keep an eye on to track the condition of your child. You can be in the cooking area or in the yard and still be able to keep an eye over the child since you are not restricted with a wire. It is essential to know though that these devices additionally have a limitation to their range.

Special Features

Some video baby displays have special functions. This is primarily based on the producer as well as service provider of your baby screen.

One great attribute of some video infant monitors is the night vision ability. During evening time when the lights are already turned off, you can still continue the surveillance of your infant. Reduced lit environments and dark rooms is not a problem with the help of the night vision function.

Another special attribute that some video child screen offers is the baby cam function. With making use of the Web, parents will be able to keep an eye on their infant. A couple of easy clicks on the baby as well as the computer web cam can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

This is most beneficial for those parents that need to go to the office and also leave the baby with a sitter or baby-sitter. Also at work, you could keep on monitoring the wellness of your youngling.

Basically, child displays are devices that moms and dads can utilize to be able to observe their infant also if they are not in the very same space. The most standard application of a wired video clip child display is to supply live video clip feed from the space of the infant to the space of the parents. With the video clip infant screen mounted, you could constantly check your child without having to stand up as well as going to your child in the next space.

The cordless video clip infant screen however has a larger extent of usage. Another special attribute that some video clip infant screen supplies is the baby camera attribute.

Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents


To make your dog stop humping other animals and people, it’s good to know what is motivating your dog to exhibit this behavior. 


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Meant for incredible protection you’ll almost never notice, choose the Cherish Premium Night Pads. This thin pad is engineered while using the same legendary absorption within the Cherish Day Use pads and yet still feels amazingly brightness and comfortable. The simple, soft cotton outer layer embraces your skin layer giving you unparalleled comfort.

The unique negative ion strip can aid to reduce pain and inflammation and may help to eliminate unwelcome odors. Its designed has become engineered for hours involving pleasant and satisfying comfort, allowing you to try a “worry free” peaceful night out and about or relaxing at your home.


Treasure Premium Panty Liners usually are so thin and workable, you might forget you’re carrying them! Cherish panty liners are best for light flow days and are created to help you stay clean and fresh daily.

The soft cotton exterior layer is silky gentle and keeps you comfortable repeatedly. They are designed with the same unique negative ion strip which may help to reduce pain and inflammation and might help to eliminate undesired odors.


Designed for incredible protection you'll scarcely notice, choose the Enjoy Premium Night Pads. This thin pad is engineered along with the same legendary absorption with the Cherish Day Use pads but without doubt still feels amazingly brightness and comfortable. The clean, soft cotton outer layer embraces the actual skin giving you unparalleled unwinding.

The unique negative ion strip may also help to reduce pain and inflammation and probably do help to eliminate unwelcome odors. Its designed is engineered for hours associated with pleasant and satisfying ease, allowing you to consume a "worry free" peaceful night about or relaxing at house.


Enjoy Premium Panty Liners tend to be so thin and bendable, you might forget you’re using them! Cherish panty liners are best for light flow days and are made to help you stay clean and fresh on a daily basis.

The soft cotton surface layer is silky gentle and keeps you comfortable repeatedly. They are designed with the same unique negative ion strip which will help to reduce pain and inflammation and might help to eliminate dangerous odors.


MaxLife Prostate Care Plus can be a revolutionary and complete prostate formula initially put together by physicians for their clients, but it is now open to you exclusively through Nspire Network.

Key Ingredients

1. Beta Sitosterol are probably the most important ingredients in "Mother Nature's" medicine case.

2. Saw Palmetto may be shown in studies to diminish the prostate's inner lining to cut back pressure on the structures that carry urine beyond the body, thereby making urination painless and comfortable.

3. Quercetin is a natural anti-swelling and anti-inflammation agent to cut back prostate symptoms.

4. Lycopene is considered one of the more powerful antioxidants in the earth and has a lot of potential health benefits. It may possibly help reduce b.

Guys Try On Daytime And Night Time Sanitary Pads

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Best DUI Lawyer Rankin County MS Call 601 773 7777

Best DUI Lawyer Rankin County MS Call 601 773 7777

The Franks Law Firm, PLLC

571 US-51 Suite B, Ridgeland, MS 39157

(601) 773-7777

What might it be a smart thought for me to do if I get a DUI? 

Joey: The central thing you need to do is sit down and work out an elucidation of what happened, a declaration perhaps, for your records. As time goes on, you will neglect the unnoticeable purposes of intrigue basic to a DUI protection legal counselor. It's undeniably the primary concern you do. The day you leave the jail, go to a bistro with a diary and work out all that you review from the conditions of the road, to the time, to the atmosphere, to the officer, to the test performed. Despite the likelihood that you don't have the foggiest thought regarding the name of the test, portray it. By then contact a DUI assurance legal advisor and set up a course of action to come in and bring any literature you got from the police office, jail or bondsman. That is constantly going to be the underlying advances when blamed for a DUI. 

Will I subsequently lose my allow with a DUI? 

Joey: Only if you are found accountable of a dui and you don't go the non-discretion course. In case you are found accountable of a DUI, you will lose your allow for 120 days. There's no possibility to get around it other than non-settling. Certain necessities must be met if you have to go the non-settling course and few out of every odd individual meets all prerequisites for it. For example, a business truck driver would not possess all the necessary qualities for non-settling. 

If my allow is suspended, would I have the capacity to get a limited allow so I can go to work? 

Joey: Unfortunately in Mississippi, no, you can't get a confined allow if you are prosecuted or you admit without the non-intervention. In any case if you go the non-discretion course, you can put a breathalyzer in your vehicle and each time you have to torque it, you have to blow in it and it enrolls paying little mind to whether you have alcohol on your breath. That is the most ideal approach to get any kind of compelled allow since you have to surrender your commonplace driver's allow and get an interlock constrained allow. Else, you'll be blamed for driving while your allow is suspended. 

What exactly degree is my case going to take? 

Joey: That movements from court to court and it's a baffling request. In the event that you're talking about the date you're caught to the date the trial occurs at the lower court level, you're no doubt looking three to four months. That is the general time allocation and there may be spans included. The state may ask for a length which may be permitted which could widen it out one more month or a couple. In the event you're doing an intrigue where you contend nolo contendere, it's practical going to be connected an extra a half year since you're embarking to a whole differing court and you're starting the technique all by and by. It moves in light of the fact that the court uncovers to us when they will hear it. 

What exactly degree will a DUI be on my record? 

Joey: Let's say you get a DUI first on January 1, 2017 and you get another DUI on December 31, 2017. Those two DUIs will stack and the second one will wind up being a DUI second. In any case, in case you got a DUI on the January 1, 2017 and you got another DUI on January 1, 2025, the 2025 DUI would be a DUI first. The reason is generally, they stay on your record for quite a while. They don't thoroughly leave in the sense they're still there and we can regardless watch it. In any case, it's never again influencing your security. You have the decision of scratching off the DUI if you meet certain necessities following five years, which would take it off of your record.

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Whales Are Returning To South Atlantic Remote Islands

The place that was once credited as one of the greatest whaling stations on Earth is once again making big headlines.

In the South Atlantic, South Georgia and the Sandwich islands may not have any human habitation, but they are now thriving with wildlife, thanks to the penguins, seals and whales making their way back to this once deserted place.

The south of Sandwich Islands and South Georgia is a favorite spot for mammals drawn by the abundant krill and fish in the waters. Wherever you look, you can easily spot a seal, a penguin or a whale – an incredible sight to watch.

Visitors and tourists to the islands are often the center of attention of the very curious baby seals and the penguins. Even though tourists are not allowed to go close to the wildlife, the baby animals will rush to them for a closer look.

The history of this place is worth knowing too.

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Wolves And Livestock Conflict: Some Humane Solutions To This Problem

Suggestions and solutions for ending the conflict between Wolves and Livestock continue to elude humans for centuries now. And sadly, the most common solution they have found is the execution of these predators.

Though it may sound logical to anyone – lowering wolf population would lead to a decrease in the loss of animals such as sheep and cattle herds. But it’s an extremely lazy and reprehensible act. In the long run, wolf execution is not be as viable as everyone thinks.

Below, we’re going to look at the root cause of wolves and livestock problems and more humane solutions to handle the issue.

Tips For Success During A Giant Panda Volunteer Program

Watching a Giant Panda is one thing but we’ll bet most people would jump at a chance to come much closer to these beautiful creatures in a more natural setting. What about actually caring for and cuddly a baby panda?

Well, if your interest is piqued then this post is for you.

Thanks to the efforts of the Chinese authorities, international governments and people just like you, giant pandas are now edging further away from extinction. But, its a very labor intensive and expensive venture. In fact, the well-being of these bears is now enjoying a major boost through channels like various Giant Panda Volunteer programs.

International and local volunteers are welcome to lend a hand caring for these creatures. But, there are some conditions to fulfil and some things you’ll need to know before you travel down to China.


Why Wild Elephants In Vietnam Could Soon Be Extinct

From a position of reverence and adoration in past centuries, Asia’s Wild Elephants may soon become a thing of the past with the many threats and pressures they face today.

In many countries across Asia, elephants have become more of a pest: to be gotten rid of however possible. And, the problem is not restricted to just one or two countries alone.

The situation is so bad now that these giant mammals are presently critically endangered in many parts of their native habitats.

Modern day Vietnam is one example.

Conservation organizations reveal that Vietnam’s wild elephant population dropped by about 95 percent in just a few decades. They were between 1,500 and 2,000 elephants in vietnam as at 1990: today they number less than 100.

Also, more than 20 wild elephants died/were killed over the past seven years alone, and about 75 percent of those were not up to one year old.

These figures are alarming and represent a historic low over the last 15 years. The government and conservation bodies are now working frantically to save the last of these giant mammals.

A Very Grim Future For The Last Killer Whales in The UK

If you were to count the most popular whale watching locations worldwide, the UK would not come top of the list. But around the British Isles, several species of marine mammals do make an appearance yearly. Marine mammals like fin whales and porpoises will appear from time to time.

However, Scotland’s West Coast is the native habitat of a resident pod of killer whalesthe only killer whales in the UK. Unfortunately, scientists expect that the small pod of just eight individuals is now swimming into extinction.

The pod of Orca (killer whales) has four females and four males. Strangely, there’s been no calf born to the group in the last two decades!

Also, no new dolphins have joined the pod over the years.

killer whales in the uk

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EcoBee 4 Reviews

Amazing ecobee4 review. This is the perfect device for your home. it allows you to control several things in your home and also comes built in with Alexa. 

ecobee 4 review

Quality home care service in Sheffield

Home care support in the UK has become a vital part of the health care service that caters to the elderly and the young alike. There are several agencies that render these services all across the cities in England. Precisely in Sheffield, we found a quality home care service called PT Care. They have an excellent approach to their mode of operation that offers a tailor made 24 hour care that is specific to your need. If you require a quality home care support in sheffield, take a look at PT Care or visit the website at

Affiliate marketing for dummies

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a profit online. It's simple and requires very little upfront cost. Watch my video to learn more. 

affiliate marketing for beginners

ecobee 4 review

Comes with built-in Alexa Voice Service, so you can ask your ecobee to set a timer, read you the news, adjust the temperature, and more. With Far-field voice technology your ecobee4 can hear you from across the room.

Room sensors help manage hot and cold spots in your home, delivering comfort to the rooms that matter most.

Easily adjust temperature and comfort settings from anywhere using your Android and iOS devices. Also works with Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT and more

ecobee 4

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Dermawand. Does it work?

I have been using a Dermawand reviews 2017 for over 10 years and bought one for my daughter when she hit her 20s to help her skin routine. Until now, I've loved my Dermawand and it has traveled with me all over the world with no issues. It has been a trusted part of my beauty routine and I am truly bummed out that it seems that the product has been changed since I last purchased one. Other reviewers have stated that if your skin has already started to droop or if you already have deep groves that the Dermawand will not have much affect and to a large degree that is probably true - it's not a miracle worker but it does a fantastic job of revitalizing your skin and helping your beauty serums to penetrate and do their job. I also feel that it has helped with keeping the skin on my face and neck even toned and has definitely helped with fine lines and blemishes. I'm in my mid-50s and I don't have lines around my mouth and eyes and the deep furrow on my brow is almost unnoticeable. I ordered this wand to replace my current version and the frequency on high is so low that it is actually lower than my old Dermawand on low. I don't know if this was just a defective unit or if the Dermawand has been changed but if this is the current status, I'll be looking at another product to replace my old but trusted friend. For those of you who are new to Dermawand, the frequency on high should provide enough stimulation for your skin to feel a noticeable tingle and on low it should be a gentle energy flow.

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Dermawand. Does it work?

I have been using a Dermawand for over 10 years and bought one for my daughter when she hit her 20s to help her skin routine. Until now, I've loved my Dermawand and it has traveled with me all over the world with no issues. It has been a trusted part of my beauty routine and I am truly bummed out that it seems that the product has been changed since I last purchased one. Other reviewers have stated that if your skin has already started to droop or if you already have deep groves that the Dermawand will not have much affect and to a large degree that is probably true - it's not a miracle worker but it does a fantastic job of revitalizing your skin and helping your beauty serums to penetrate and do their job. I also feel that it has helped with keeping the skin on my face and neck even toned and has definitely helped with fine lines and blemishes. I'm in my mid-50s and I don't have lines around my mouth and eyes and the deep furrow on my brow is almost unnoticeable. I ordered this wand to replace my current version and the frequency on high is so low that it is actually lower than my old Dermawand on low. I don't know if this was just a defective unit or if the Dermawand has been changed but if this is the current status, I'll be looking at another product to replace my old but trusted friend. For those of you who are new to Dermawand, the frequency on high should provide enough stimulation for your skin to feel a noticeable tingle and on low it should be a gentle energy flow.

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Is "The Resonance Effect" The Definitive Reinvention Of Medicine With Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

The Resonance Effect, How Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Changing Medicine

the-resonance-effect-cover-200x300.jpgChiropractic doctor Carolyn McMakin's book "The Resonance Effect" - North Atlantic Books - adds an interesting dimension to the hidden in plain sight world of microcurrent, that could, according to the author, possibly be the way to change the face of medicine with Frequency Specific Microcurrent, (FSM): The subtitle of her book"The Resonance Effect, How Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Changing Medicine" somehow implies that the physics of resonance easily translate into healing for her and her clients.

Branding her kind of microcurrent as "frequency specific" sparks interest, especially in regards to recent advanced microcurrent Russian research, and more of that later, so this seems timely and a great reason to read this. Also, with some form of electrotherapy having been around for thousands of years before being disavowed in the West in the 1920's in favor of pharmaceuticals, the notion of using specific frequencies for specific ailments is very compelling. However, the author's emphasis on frequencies may delude us from the fact that even with the simplest microcurrent device with only two frequencies built in, the same stupendous results she claims have been achieved already in the past.  This writer is an ardent microcurrent user, and this review is written with the intent to help microcurrent users, and user-to-be, not to get sidetracked or limited by this book's emphasis on "specific frequencies" only microcurrent.

The mystery list of specific microcurrent frequencies

Author Carolyn McMakin's is really "resurrecting" an electrotherapy treatment with frequencies widely used in the early 1900, and her story starts with Australian osteopath Harry van Gelder. coming from England to the U.S. in 1946 and buying himself a practice. And there, Harry found, left over in a back room, an old electrotherapy machine that came with a mysterious list of frequencies. The discovery story continues, some 40 years later, with Carolyn meeting George Douglas, who had trained a few months with Harry and he is in possession of that mystery list of frequencies. George, as her instructor in chiropractic college, manages to fix her shoulder with one of his nontraditional modalities, and Carolyn gets intrigued by the result. When they decide to partner up, he gifts Carolyn with a new microcurrent machine, and also introduces her to the frequency list. Full of doubts at first, together they venture out to test, if the frequencies list would work with a modern 2 channel microcurrent machine. Carolyn, having had her dreams of becoming a doctor squashed, but not her ambitions, has just freshly graduated as chiropractor doctor. Already she sets out, as her life goal, to validate that Harry van Gelder's old list of frequencies actually can do something to help people, above all, that's her mission, but doing it with the help of the frequency list.

Intuition vs. scientific inquiry

Intuition-vs-scientific-frequency-specific-microcurrent-e1502495867220-231x300.jpgIntuition-vs-scientific-frequency-specific-microcurrent-231x300.jpgThe list contains mysterious pairs of frequencies, one for body tissues and parts, and the other for different ailments. For years, Carolyn applies these frequencies to establish their efficacy in a scientific way, and to test which pairs of frequencies work for certain conditions in specific tissues, in a scientific way. But mostly, she is "intuiting" her own technique, initially.

She allows her intuition to be the guide, and she gives the reader a glimpse of it:  "Everything went quiet. There was a moment of inspiration and synthesis.  It just felt right." In these moments she feels "resonance" happening. She has an especially puzzling case of neck pain client lying on her table. She writes: "A quiet prayer formed in my mind. Help". While praying, she sees, in her field of vision, the pair of esthetician's conductive gloves resting on that microcurrent facial machine for cosmetology treatments, done in her practice after hours. Her intuition tells her to put the two and two together: The gloves. The frequencies written on a card on her microcurrent machine next to her. "In my mind, I could suddenly see my hands in the graphite conducting gloves, and the current from one glove to the other through his neck muscles".  She never had used the frequencies before, but "it felt right" to choose a specific frequency. And then the miracle happened. "His neck muscles melted".  The conductive gloves she wears while she massages the client's painful neck muscles turn hot, and so does the tissue under her hands, it dramatically softens, and at the same time the client reports warmth, tension release, and pain gone. Allowing inspiration, intuition to be part of her medicine, this the author calls having a resonant moment. Arguably, was that, in that resonant moment, an effect of frequency, or was it rather the effect of electricity on blocked energetics?

All Science starts with an observation

As much as this reader would like an explanation from her, what her "resonance effect" actually does effect in the body, in terms of biochemistry or electrobiophysics in order to bring about these sudden results, the author withholds that information, hopefully leaving it for another book? And alas, later in the book the author explains, it would take her more than a lifetime to explain this. So not in this lifetime.

And isn't it more gratifying to have thousands of suffering people cured, than having some scientific healing model developed that sometime in the near future might be done with and replaced again with the next one?

Again and again in her book of her many success stories, she describes a similar sequence of events, that a sudden change happens, if the right frequency pair is applied. The conductive gloves she massages with, turn hot, tissues soften, and patients feel the tissue turn warm and instantly are pain free.

This warming effect by the way is not uncommon in microcurrent applications, especially in early sessions, and that without the use of any of the specific frequencies on her list.

"All science starts with observation", she says. All this, she says, she had to" figure out, it was all trial and error and it took time..." She credits a lot of her findings to an inner quiet voice, calling it  "the sock puppet voice in my ear".  Learning to follow that inner voice she says,"I learned that if a frequency was correct, it changed the tissue in seconds....The frequency had to match the condition and the tissue."

How to spread the word about the "resonance effect"

spread-the-word-150x150.gifStarting in 1995, she combines her chiropractic treatments with the frequencies list and microcurrent and eventually is able to establish their efficacy. Over Guinness in a pub, together with her naturopath assistant, they create the branding "frequency specific microcurrent", short FSM,  and a logo to go with. And having successfully tested which pairs of frequencies work for certain conditions in specific tissues and having developed them into protocols, she publishes her first paper. She presents her protocol for myofascial pain at the national meeting of the American Back Society, in 1997. Also, early in her career, she realizes that she has to spread the word among the next generation of health professionals and organizes her"Interdisciplinary Health Care Symposium", bringing together medical school, chiropractor college, and naturopathic college students in her area. She then lectures in England, speaks at the NIH Grand Rounds as the first chiropractor ever in its history, presents at the IFM Symposium, and, starting in 2001, with George, teaches her sponsored FSM core seminars in Australia, and that for seven years straight. She has conquered doctors in numbers, won over chiropractors, naturopaths, dentists, scientists, massage therapists, even equine massage therapists and olympic sports trainers and athletes to believe in her system. And she states, that over 2000 licensed practitioners in eleven countries are using FSM now, although I read on the internet, it's a much smaller number, and that might be an outdated number. Beyond a doubt, she gives her trainees solid advice, to stay below the radar of medical inquisition, and to play the game of "evidence-based medicine" in chapter 7 "How do you do that". She tells them to "just follow the rules" (of the FDA) which certainly is not going to change medicine but will surely will keep them in practice, with that prudent attitude.

Her life is her work - rescuing patients

Packed with anecdotal case studies, her book is a good read, especially since she is quite refreshingly frank with her own life struggles. As a writer she successfully interweaves her own biography because it is so closely linked to her work.

Her life has not been easy, challenges are many and constant, her family challenges, her mother's and then her own illnesses, her gruesome work schedule, all interwoven with case studies from extremely difficult client cases whom the medical system rejected and could not help. Yet, Carolyn comes to the rescue and they all get help from her growing list of frequencies and evolving protocols, (except those patients who drop out, seemingly lost but obviously having a secondary gain in being good servants to "traditional" medical indoctrination). By helping even the most desperate cases, especially with inflammatory diseases like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, her practice flourishes, and with that specialty, her work load increases even more.  If Carolyn McMakin's claims are as astounding as she makes us believe, then all alone she jumps to the rescue even when all other medical efforts fail. And sometimes when she jumps to the rescue, she overlooks her intuition to slow down. She gets severely ill several times, overtaxing her strength in working impossibly long hours, travelling constantly now to give seminars, teaching in clinical settings. She even ventures out into the sports arena and cures top athletes from their injuries for whole nights and days, because they are under time pressure, just like her.


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A closer investigation into the resonance effect and FSM

A-closer-investigation-into-FSM-e1502496075107-300x225.jpgThe facts lead us to look at the subtitle of her book "How Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Changing Medicine" more closely. Is this actually the case? Is the medicinal cesspool going to be changed that way? Or is Carolyn's desire a dream and her work doomed before it even gets going beyond her thousands of case histories? Has her job not been, so far, to pick up the broken pieces our medical system leaves behind? Does Carolyn have to do the mop up work, and business goes on as usual in medicine?

Let's be practical here. A total medical reset is needed across the planet. The questions are numerous, but is Carolyn's work the only representative of the most up to date research in microcurrent or simply a rehash of the other electrotherapy from bygone years? And what about the millions that are being funded by the pharmaceuticals with microcurrent implants?

Is medical practice, and starting out, medical education, not leaving out something really important, that is needed in order to heal? Is it her ability to allow into her practice, what doctors would call "unscientific methodology", her enlisting a strong dose of inspiration, of intuition, poetry, even prayer, into her medical repertoire, all that what a classically indoctrinated medical doctor likes to call "woo-woo"? What does Dr. Carolyn have that medical doctors don't? Is Carolyn McMakin ahead of the times? Or rather, did the medicine of old not have these qualities, when shamans and medicine men did the healing?

Woo-woo vs. resonance physics

Interestingly, Carolyn answers exactly that point.  Using as an example for resonance the key fob beeper on a car key chain, and how the car door gets opened or closed, she says "that's not woo-woo or magic, it's physics.....". She insists on being scientific, yet she points out in her book how Harry van Gelder's holistic concept of the body system is far ahead and superior to what today's medical establishment parctices, and she acknowledges that medicine is as much a science as it is an art, or is that woo-woo again?  She insists on being scientificand part of the crowd even when the whole medical system is a convoluted cesspool of doctored double blind studies, pharmaceutical kickbacks, toxic vaccinations, cell cooking microwaves and WiFi blindness. It's a miracle that she is still working with a medical licence. What is really her relationship to the medical system?

Electrotherapy history goes back thousands of years

Tesla-Electrotherapy-Medicine-273x300.jpgWhen teaching her first class in FSM, she afterwards bitterly regrets that she spent too much time on "historical, nonspecific microcurrent and not enough on frequency effects". Was that the reason she now skips microcurrent history altogether in her book? But yes, in the beginning, the book goes into the history of electrotherapy a bit, just a little bit.  So bear with me when I'll add some history on my own. Carolyn tells, that in the early 1900s electrotherapy was big in Europe as well as in America, and that electrotherapy had become hugely popular with doctors who used electricity to successfully treat an amazing range of different diseases. I remember a friend telling, living in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and on his almost daily visits to the hot springs seeing inside the bath houses displays of old electrotherapy devices (since then removed) hanging there from the early 1900. It is tempting to make the connection to Carolyn McMakin's work, how it is based on just one of these old machines going back to 1922.  And connecting to the spirit of those times back then when all that, what we now call modalities, were all accepted ways to cure and coexisted peacefully in helping people, when these old ways were not coined "woo-woo" but employed for helping to heal, when  "Mother Nature" was still part of it, with walking barefoot in wet grasses, putting people high up in the Swiss Alps into sunshine and fresh air to cure lungs, and so on. The book explains, the demise of electrotherapy started in 1910 when the Flexner Report outlawed electrotherapy, and it was final around the Fifties when all electric equipment had ended up in back rooms with sheets put over them. Doctors would loose their licence when practicing any of it.

How the Flexner report has changed medicine

Flexner-Report-202x300.jpgThe Flexner Report had infiltrated medicine in a very unhealthy way and has to this very day, even though we have watered down "modalities" But there is this deep rift which pharmacology has created in medicine, with its insistence on chemistry only, leaving the benefits of physics out, as in Carolyn's work, and the word physics only appears in adjunct therapies like physical therapy.

My own research shows that electrotherapy goes back a long way in history, from thousands of years in the Orient, to the use in ancient Rome of shallow ponds with electric eels to cure depression and lethargy, after second emperor of Rome Numa Pompilius building himself some kind of an electricity lab and experimenting and creating some kind of a battery, and up to the invention of batteries in the 1880s. Like Numa Pompilius maybe had found already, batteries created a dependable source of electricity, and that  made electrotherapy thrive in the early 1900. And then, how it got actively persecuted and squashed and killed off, nobody seems to talk much about or gets excited about much Although Carolyn gives us a short rundown on the Flexner Report, and I am grateful for that information, later on in the book she just sums up the demise of electrotherapy  with her detached statement ," it fell out of favor", just like Google almost belittles it as "funky looking electrical equipment that fell out of use in the 1940".

But the author brings in the AMA but the  the blame rests on the Flexner Report, which as early as 1910 began to streamline medicine into a corporate moneymaking enterprise, and eventually outlawing electrotherapy devices. And squashing not only electrotherapy but everything non pharmaceutic or “alternative”, then in use, "like homeopathy", in favor of surgeries and drugs. Forbidding doctors to use electrotherapy they were forced to give it up or go underground, and that created a huge disconnect in medical practice to this day.

The demonizing of electricity

Frankenstein-and-electrotherapy-227x300.jpgThat brings up the idea, that even Hollywood was employed in the Flexner demonizing electricity, with the “Frankenstein” movies to infiltrate and manipulate popular beliefs about electricity by giving it shock value, a jolt of horror to create fearful associations with electricity and electrotherapy to this day. This indoctrination is still in effect when friends and family show objections to trust the healing power of electricity, or even hesitate to try out a microcurrent device on their arm. How difficult it must be to market these to a mainstream audience I can only imagine.


Following the book's story line, after being shut down for nearly seventy years or so, electrotherapy needed a “resurrection”, and for Carolyn resurrecting becomes the story of her life for Carolyn and the first chapter of her book, she calls it "Resurrecting Resonance". To bring back electrotherapy it seems it took someone like Carolyn McMakin, inspired and totally supported by George Douglas, her mentor, and partner, and that forgotten machine from 1922, to double up with an ancient frequency and to turn it into a healing business again. As it turns out, the rest of the world has not been sleeping either. Europe did not have a Flexner Report, (although it is very probable, that the repercussions of that deleterious message indoctrinated medicine everywhere). And even before Carolyn's scientific inquiries, micro had made strides already in Europe in the late Seventies. Microcurrent devices according to Google have been around since the 1980s. At that very time in Russia clinical trials had been done on 18,255 people with 88.25 cure rates in all major disease groups, with Scenar, and were published, and thousands and thousands of people in the meantime have been using handheld devices now for almost 25 years, here in the U.S. and elsewhere, with just as miraculous results as Carolyn. So, what is the big hush about microcurrent in her book? Maybe she is being prudent, because she does mention the FDA visiting and interrogating her for 20 hrs. and requiring a 14 page affidavit. Who then wouldn't be afraid to talk too much about microcurrent?

Follow the money...

Is it, that microcurrent works so well, that the medical system wants none of it, and that because there is no money in it?

Is Carolyn McMakin just a singular phenomenon within the medical system, somewhere in the woo-woo category, but tolerated because she helped too many people to be ignored? And is the handheld pocket size very handy microcurrent device, only the very clever know about, a threat to the giant business of traditional blood and gore medicine?

Whatever the case, Carolyn McMakin's effort is a heroic one and needs to be acknowledged big time, and having written her book she is going to be an important role model for many that way. She literally has helped thousands of clients out of their misery, and that's really the book's meant testimony. It is the sheer weight of her accomplishment, as a chiropractic doctor, her scientific exploration aside, that make her book, and her life story, so rich. And for the reader it's a revelation of read about her client's sufferings, last but not least coming from the ignorance of the medical system that cannot or does not help them.

Her case study results and successes are believable, yet we know, that's what happens in the microcurrent world. What others might call miracles, that's what the body does when charged up with electricity, employing its innate healing powers, and that is what everyone's testimony of using microcurrent sounds like. And it's common knowledge that it has been proven already in the original clinical trials in Russia back in the Eighties, with their phenomenal cure rates of 88.25 % in all the major disease groups, so that the results she gets are nothing new. Surprisingly the author never mentions any of this.

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Her emphasis on specific microcurrent frequencies

Carolyn McMakin has worked very hard and long hours, and that for decades, diligently pursuing individual frequencies one by one and experimenting with each one of them, authoring 8 clinical research papers, and even a textbook for her thousands of students. She genuinely, through research and clinical studies, arrived at her system, crediting each specific frequency for her successes with clients, which were rejects from the medical system deemed "incurable". And she decided to publish this frequency list and go public, and that way she avoids patenting, and anybody can go ahead and use them. The only thing, her FSM Advanced Course teaches an additional six hundred plus frequencies for additional tissues and frequencies.With that astronomical number of frequencies, to me it sounds impractical, when to me it does perfect sense to simply treat oneself with what she calls"nonspecific" microcurrent and get the results. It could, it seems, simplify that whole medical drama.

Insisting that only the "right frequency" for each different disease and only the right frequency for each target organ or tissue together do the trick, maybe deludes the fact that it is electricity that does the cure. Even the simplest and totally natural microcurrent stimulation with, say, grounding can render a similarly wide spectrum of results that can be attributed to connecting to the earth's electron reservoir.

Will this narrowed down emphasis on specific frequencies not confuse the issue? That it is electrons as a pure energy source derived from electricity that do the healing, not a specific number of pulses or beats per second?

What  makes her claim seem an exaggeration and therefore unconvincing to me is her lack of exploration on her part, by disregarding the highly sophisticated handheld microcurrent devices on the market with millions sold. These also have specific frequencies, a simpler method of application, without gels or gloves and with high and ultra low frequencies.  One such line manufactured in the US are the FDA approved Avazzia microcurrent devices.  Also, the millions of SCENAR and DENAS devices which have been in use widely with even wider ranges of clinically proven results now in various medical disciplines. And similar to not mentioning the Russian clinical trials done with SCENAR  in the 70s and 80s, Carolyn McMakin's perspective on present day microcurrent electrotherapy remains blotchy throughout the book,

Why no mention of neuropeptides?

The common ground is the use of microcurrent, the innate beneficial, healing properties and healing secrets of electricity.  But it is my understanding, that it is the whole range of frequencies in microcurrent electricity that, when infused into the body, recharges the system with enough energy to solve pain and mobilizes the self healing capacities in the body. As in the case of the before mentioned  microcurrent devices, microcurrent electricity also initiates the secretions of neuromodulators and neuropeptides, as newest research is pointing out, and not only for the rejuvenation, but the regeneration of tissues.

Medical-hamster-wheel-300x196.jpgApart from what successes she can claim in her doctor’s practice, Carolyn McMakin still operates within a system where the doctor-patient or therapist-patient dependency is fully intact. But then there is that ideal vision where patients are not getting sicker and sicker but are empowered to take charge of their own health, becoming independent of the medical system, by stepping out of the deadly medical treadmill altogether. People who are better informed about healthy lifestyle choices, trained to work with microcurrent devices they own. People fully aware of how their bodies work, using microcurrent in a responsible way, including the inevitable healing crises, and caring for their body's electrical needs with their handheld devices. And just as intended by the Russian microcurrent inventor Dr. Karasev, these are aimed at bringing the patient from dependency on the medical system to medical sovereignty, getting him off the medical treadmill to take charge of his own health and well-being.


To the FDA, all microcurrent rates under the TENS category, approved for pain control only, the author informs us. Yet she barely mentions the significance of the signal’s difference between a TENS machine and microcurrent, or are they not different after all? To me, what she says is not in any way conclusive and it does not include biofeedback organic signal either. Carolyn informs us, that TENS units are only available by prescription from a health professional, but if you look on Amazon, there they are thousands of TENS 5 star reviews, from 30 dollars a piece. This, and other glitches make me wonder if there are more of them in her book that I might not be aware of.

I fully respect Dr McMakin’s contribution, her findings and results, and it's quite engaged because of so many success stories she cannot fit them all in her book, as she says. And she seems to really engage with patients and all that, but all that she focuses on entirely are her findings and working with her frequency list. How come she is blind folded or keeps quiet about SCENAR, and that millions of other microcurrent devices are being used worldwide with even more profound successes than found in the Russian clinical trials already, with absolutely groundbreaking cure rates?

And when, only as a side line, the author mentions that other devices do exist, it almost sounds a little derogatory when she says

"there are other devices out there created to take advantage of the market FSM has created".

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Maybe Frequency Specific Microcurrent is marketing branding?

Which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg-300x200.jpgIt appears from these facts that it's not her aim to be a team player in the microcurrent world. It's more that “my frequency or the highway” kind of approach. And that has happened, too, in other areas like in homeopathy. There seems to be, in medical science, this temptation to separate disease from the body. Instead, the body is a holistic vibrating system with cascades of microcurrent frequencies that have a wide homeostatic effect, from brainwave patterns to neurogenic secretions from nerve fibers, that's what research says and proved to be the reason for SCENAR being so highly effective, and much easier to apply, with the Russian clinical trials back in the 1980 ties. All achieved simply with the same basic frequencies.  And the many people who had life changing healing success with the early banana shaped DENAS SCENAR which has only two specific microcurrent frequencies! And thanks to SCENAR inventor Dr.Alexander Karasev, who, as an electrical engineer, must have understood more than anybody about the healing powers of electricity, which, as newest electric engineering (Eric Dollard) attests, is sourced from outside of what was commonly believed, from out of the etheric realm.

To recap, this book is lacking in the data of what we know from microcurrent research that has been done for years by universities all over the world, data that show that there is a tremendous amount of activity that’s initiated by the microcurrent, or electricity, or electrons in the mitochondria and the subsequent chain cascade of reactions that happens. From what she calls "nonspecific microcurrent," we microcurrent users already know, it is no big deal to dissolve scar tissue, it's no big deal to soften muscles. What she claims as being miraculous, it's kind of funny when it’s kind of ordinary in the microcurrent world. Then, Carolyn's way might just be another "highway", and, as the saying goes, many roads lead to Rome.

In her last chapter "In Their Own Words" the happy testimonials from patients, practitioners, and practitioners who were also patients, speak for themselves.

In the end I admit that trying to catch the author on gritty details does not do her justice. She has written a beautiful book. A book with much food for thought, and a bright future for health and wellness. Kudos!



Author Lin de Berger

Author Lin de Berger: a German documentary maker turned psych and alternative nurse used microcurrent to recover from 10 years of COPD.  She is a strong advocate of daily use of microcurrent.  Retired in Hawaii she practices yoga daily and loves gardening.

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