Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Video Marketing

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Is Your Rolex Oyster Watch Genuine?

Because the Rolex watch is the most popular luxury watch brand in the world, it's also the most counterfeited. The Rolex Oyster is a classic timepiece that comes in many styles, although you should take care when you buy a used Rolex Oyster to make sure it is genuine. Whenever you buy a Rolex from a source other than an authorized dealer, take the following steps you make sure you bought the real deal.

Begin by turning the Rolex face down and look for engraving on the back. A real Rolex watch will not feature any engraving on the back of the case, while many replicas do. Next, look for a hologram sticker.

This only applies to new Rolex brands, which are shipped from the factory with a holographic sticker on the back of the case. This sticker should have the Rolex crown logo above the reference number of the watch. Few replicas even attempt to fake the hologram sticker.

It's also important to check the movement of the second hand. Rolex watches are prized for their excellent movement and the second hand should glide smoothly across the face, whereas inferior quartz movement will tick the seconds away.

You should also verify that your Rolex has automatic movement and winds automatically while worn. A genuine Rolex will stand wound for around 2 days if it's not worn as well.

When you buy used Rolex watches you can also check the magnification glass at the 3 o'clock position over the date. While not all Rolex Oyster models feature the date, this magnification should be 2.5x, whereas many replicas have 1.5x or 2x magnification.

Finally, take your Rolex to an authorized watch repairman, who will open the watch and make sure it features Rolex movement. This is important if you have a high-quality replica and find it difficult to determine it's fake with the above tell-tale signs.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Continued Popularity of Condos in Miami Beach

Miami Beach remains one of the best summer vacation destinations for local and global tourists. For over 100 years, the nation's richest and most famous have chosen Miami to buy vacation properties, including luxury condo units on the beach.

In fact, many foreign investors today are buying up condos for sale in Miami Beach. The area seems to offer a little of everything, including white sand beaches, ocean views, famous nightlife and dining and beautiful architecture unlike anything else.

Miami Beach is perhaps most famous for its wonderful tropical climate, excellent surf conditions and white sand beaches. Still, the Art Deco district of the city continues to draw in tourists and locals and offers a range of entertainment, from arcades to high-scale restaurants.

Miami Beach also appeals to those who enjoy outdoor activities, particularly water sports like water skiing, fishing, surfing and boating.

Miami Beach condos for sale seem to have some of the most stable selling prices in the country as well. During the first 2 months of 2008, there was a 7% increase in sales to foreign buyers.

Despite the housing crisis, reports also show there is about a 19% decrease in the Miami Beach condo supply, which will continue to go down until new construction projects are completed.

Because the supply of condos in the area continues to drop while the demand rises more than ever, prices may begin to climb for these luxury condo units throughout Miami Beach.

The demand seems to be centered more on foreign investors than local, as the real estate market has dropped in Miami dramatically. If you're looking for a luxurious second home, vacation home or a wonderful place to settle for good, you can't do better than condos in Miami Beach. Condos in the area remain an excellent investment and there is no better time to buy than when the market is down.

What to Look for in a Stand up Paddle Board

Are you in the market for a new SUP board? If so, there are a number of things to look for while you're shopping, including the proper length and width.

There are literally hundreds of choices out there, including inflatable stand up paddle boards, or ISUPs. Here's some information about looking for a new SUP board.

The first step is to assess your ability and knowledge. If you're a beginner, for example, you want to choose a board that will make learning easier.

Next, choose the right length for you. Beginners should usually stick with longer boards because they're easier to learn with. Boards with a large surface area are also better to distribute your weight and are sturdier overall.

While you'll be sacrificing some performance because they don't move or turn as fast, they're an excellent way to learn how to use a stand up paddle board.

Next you can choose the right width. Again, for beginners you should choose a wider board because they're easier to balance upon.

Advanced paddlers can select boards that are both narrow and short to do tricky maneuvers and ride bigger waves. Narrow boards are more stream-lined, and are much easier to turn and maneuver.

Even the thickness of the board is important. Stand up paddle boards are made from lightweight material so they float better, and beginners should choose thicker boards for more balance.

Performance SUP boards designed for advanced riders are created thin with a short, narrow design for ultimate speed, performance and turning.

Overall, you should remember that you'll be making sacrifices with performance if you choose a board designed for a beginner. Still, it's a good way to learn how to use SUP boards.

While these are just basic guidelines to help you choose a board, there are also many other subtle differences between manufacturers and styles. If you're interested in an even more personalized choice, you should consult with an expert or someone who sells SUP and ISUP boards to make the right choice for you.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What a Web Design Company Does

While a small business web design company designs your website, that isn't all they have to offer. Most web design firms offer a range of services and can create an entire, functional website from just a concept.

Some even include marketing techniques and optimized content with their design package. Here's a deeper look at what most design companies do, with some tips to help you find the firm that's best for providing you with an effective website.

There are dozens of varieties of small business web design firms, many of which offer a complete range of services.

Many, however, specialize in a specific type of design or marketing. Some, for example, stick with small businesses to help them grow and implement e-commerce options. Others work with large companies, or even specific niches like those in the food industry.

Some companies design their client's websites using a range of programming languages, like JavaScript and ASP. Some stick with simple HTML layouts. Still other design firms can build a website that incorporates content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla.

Because of these huge differences between Miami web design companies, it's always important to sit down and interview each firm you're considering for your project.

Find out about their staff, their resources and past experience. You'll also need to give them your basic needs and goals so they can build a site just for you and your business.

The ideal small business web design firm has many resources at hand to make sure you're given the best web site possible. If you want more than a very basic design, make sure you choose a firm with solid experience building complex, innovative web designs.

Always remember effective communication is the best way to interview and find a Miami web design company that can offer you the website you want within your budget.